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Fossil Group's Comment on Supply Chain

Posted by Steve on 4/9/2017 to News

Fossil Group's Comment on Supply Chain

More than 60% of the watches we procured from Asia were assembled through our two majority-owned entities. The remaining watches we procured from Asia were assembled by approximately 50 unrelated factories located primarily in Hong Kong and China, which includes almost all the production and assembly of our digital and mass market watches. Our Swiss-made watches were assembled primarily in three third-party factories in Switzerland. Approximately 60% of our jewelry products were manufactured by one of our majority-owned entities. The remaining 40% of our jewelry products were manufactured by approximately 25 factories located primarily in China. Although we have no ownership interest in these unrelated watch and jewelry factories, Fossil East maintains oversight and control of the supply chain from design through final delivery of the finished product as it does with our related factories. We believe substantial ownership of the assembly factories that produce a majority of our fashion watches and jewelry is critical to our operating model, as we believe this allows us to keep our designs proprietary, control the size of our production runs and vertically manage our supply chain.

The principal components used in the assembly of our watches are cases, crystals, dials, movements, hands, bracelets and straps. These components are obtained from a large number of suppliers located principally in China, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland and Thailand. The majority of the movements, cases, dials, bracelets and hands used in the assembly of our watches are supplied by seven principal vendors. One vendor was responsible for supplying approximately 28%, of our case and bracelet components. Additionally, two vendors were responsible for supplying approximately 88%. The principal materials used in the manufacture of our jewelry products are base metals, stainless steel, semi-precious stones or silver jewelry with 18K gold plating on top. These components are primarily obtained from the same factories that we use for our watches. Except for the one case and bracelet vendor and the two movement vendors noted above, we do not believe that our business is materially dependent on any single component supplier.

We believe that we have established and maintain close relationships with a number of component manufacturers and assembly factories primarily located in Hong Kong, China and Switzerland. The loss of any one of these manufacturers could temporarily disrupt shipments of certain of our watch and jewelry products. In addition, we believe that losing one or more of the watch assembly factories or jewelry manufacturers could have a material impact on our ability to source these products and meet our sales plans. Our future success will generally depend upon our ability to maintain close relationships with, or ownership of, our current watch assembly and jewelry manufacturing factories and to develop long-term relationships with other manufacturers that satisfy our requirements for price, quality and production flexibility.

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